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I love this product! The testimonials alone are incredible.

Personally, I have done 3 rounds of 3 bottles. The 3 bottle detox will last approx 3.5-4 months. I found that this amount of time is an appropriate timeframe to effectively remove heavy metals from our body from past vaccinations as well as from ongoing heavy metal exposure in our modern day environment (ahem, chem trails) TRS pairs well with their product Advanced Fulvic which helps to further bind and remove heavy metals. 

Screenshot 2023-04-26 at 9.09.37 AM.png
What is Advanced TRS?

AdvancedTRS contains nano-clinoptilolite, which is a smaller version of micronized clinoptilolite, with stable chemical and physical characteristics.  Its main advantage comes from its tremendously higher pore accessibility and ability to penetrate more effectively to wherever toxins are found. Clinical studies reported to date do not dispute that nano-clinoptilolite is a safe and effective product. Clinoptilolite itself has been shown to:

  • Bind heavy metals and over 80,000 toxins

  • Adjust the balance of vital nutrients like iron & calcium

  • Support intestinal microflora and pH

  • Promote healthy immune function

To read and learn more, head to the Coseva FAQ page here 

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