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       After a life-changing event, I embarked on a life-long, ever-evolving journey of the HEART.  Through years of dedication and study, I reawakened my own healing gifts and abilities and today 

I've evolved into a passionate Holistic Lifestyle Coach, Workshop Facilitator, Yoga & Movement Teacher.  


I've healed my own long-standing health conditions through unconventional means. The experience was so life-changing I began to question everything I knew - or thought I knew - about healing.  Through personal sessions, I guide my clients to their inner truth and power.  By integrating Chek Institute principles, body, breath, movement and food & water as medicine, I help to cultivate an understanding of the interdependency of all these aspects in personal freedom, vitality, and total health & wellbeing.


"I've seen so many therapists and looked into help with diet & lifestyle.

I can confidently say that nothing and no one has helped me the way Amy has.

I feel forever in her debt." 

-E.L. 29, Toronto

Most Popular
Holistic Lifestyle Coaching Q&A Session
1 hr * Amy Rose LaPrairie
100 USD per session
Online or Phone
Ask me anything! 
An introductory 1-on-1 health & nutrition optimization Q&A session
(Session may go over the hour and will end at its natural end point)
In-Depth & Personalized
'Holistic Health Reset' Package
1 hr * Amy Rose LaPrairie
Online / Phone / In Person
10 hr package | 1500 USD

One-on-One diet & lifestyle mentorship support program to educate, reset and renew your mind, body & soul.

(Sessions may go over the hour and will end at its natural end point)

Local In-Person
Thai Massage Bodywork
2 hr * Amy Rose LaPrairie
200 per treatment
In person
Thai Yoga Massage + Cupping + Essential Oil Aromatherapy + Sound Healing + InfraRed Light Therapy. Awaken and align your mind & body with this rejuvenating, healing treatment.
"Amy has helped me fall in love with Yoga & Meditation, and I cannot go back to a life without it.
Amy’s approach has strengthened my body, and quieted my mind. Her teachings and practice have helped me manage my anxiety and depression more successfully than any medication ever has. And it’s been so much fun!"

Erin L., 29 Toronto

“I can’t thank Amy enough for her guidance, knowledge, integrity, and strength throughout my journey in her program. Our work together has been incredibly transformative for me: understanding and easing my anxieties and digging deep to heal past traumas. I know this because I feel it. I felt it. I feel different now, in the most beautiful way, and I owe that to Amy. Thank you for helping me to see my blind spots and (finally) accept who I innately am.”

Diane V., 34 Norway

"Amy has the gift!  Her guidance is spot on... I highly recommend checking her out.
My husband and I are very thankful for all Amy has done for us. "

Gina & Olav D., Toronto


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